F24 aerial camera with a five inch lens and hand grip mounting, used by the Royal Air Force for reconnaissance during the Second World War.

Maps: Memories from the Second World War

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Through personal stories, photography and memorabilia, this new exhibition charts the creation and use of maps during the Second World War.

Between 1939 and 1945, over 3,000 million maps were produced for the Allied, Soviet and German forces during the Second World War.

Originally used to navigate the jungles of south-east Asia or for devising an escape plan, the maps on display are now mementoes, kept alongside medals and photographs to say ‘I was there.’

From aerial photography to war diaries, and even a fashionable dress made from escape and evasion maps, the exhibition introduces us to a Prisoner of War, an RAF pilot, a Brigadier and an army chaplain through the maps they kept as a memory of their war service.

Image © Stewart Attwood

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