1. Children's Quiz

Track down clues right across the castle with our fact-finding mission. You'll find answers to our questions hidden in the strangest places - get them all and you may even have a chance of winning a prize.

2. Lang Stairs

Can you count the steps in the famous Lang Stair? Most medieval visitors to the castle had to trudge up to the summit this way every day. It's not easy. But if you prefer you can take a gentler route to the summit along the cobbled hill.

3. Dog Cemetery

Everyone loves their pets - even the toughest soldiers. This little cemetery is where the dogs adopted by army regiments and their commanding officers were buried after following their masters to fight in wars around the world.

4. Mons Meg

Meet Mons Meg, one of the greatest medieval cannons ever made. This giant gun could fire a stone ball almost two miles. But you could probably outrun her - even when hauled by a team of oxen, Mons Meg could only travel 5km (3 miles) a day.

5. Honours of Scotland

Step inside the richest treasure chamber in the country. Fashioned from gold and silver and studded with precious stones, the Honours are the oldest crown jewels in the British Isles. Look out for a mysterious silver wand - no-one knows why it was locked away with the Crown, Sceptre and Sword of State.

6. Great Hall

Everywhere you look are suits of armour and masses of swords, halberds and other weapons. The great hall is the most impressive room in the castle and was built for the king's banquets. Can you spot any faces carved into the stonework holding up the 500-year-old wooden roof?

7. Prisons of War exhibition

As you explore the stone vaults beneath Crown Square, just think how horrible it was for the many prisoners of war once locked up here. Most were sailors and there were even some pirates from the Caribbean, captured with their plunder.

8. One o'clock Gun

Almost every day, we fire the One o'clock Gun and frighten unsuspecting visitors across the city. Come and see for yourself - can you guess when?

9. Keeping the fun going

There's a section of our Portcullis Gift Shop specially set aside to help equip little knights and dress little princesses ready for their next big adventure.

10. Bringing the castle to life

There are lots of fun events staged at the castle throughout the year to make your visit even more exciting. Check our listings for the latest details.