Exterior view of Edinburgh Castle on a sunny morning

British Sign Language Tour

Take a tour in British Sign Language (BSL) with our guide John Hay.

2-3 hours

  1. Welcome to Edinburgh Castle

    You can start the BSL tour anywhere around the entrance the castle.

  2. How old is the castle?

    Go up the cobbled hill and through the portcullis gate. When the space opens out, play this film.

  3. One o’ Clock Gun

    Play this film when you can see One o’ Clock Gun, next to the café.

  4. Hospital Square

    Next to the café, go down the cobbled hill into Hospital Square. Play this film when you see the statue of Earl Haig on his horse.

  5. Prisons of War

    Go back up the cobbled hill, and keep climbing up until you reach the Royal Scots Museum. Turn right, and go between the buildings to the Prisons of War and military prison. Play this film before you enter the two exhibitions.

  6. National War Memorial

    Return to the main path up through the castle and follow it up into Crown Square. The War Memorial forms one side of the courtyard. Play this film before exploring.

  7. The Royal Palace

    Play this film in Crown Square, before exploring the Royal Palace.

  8. The Great Hall

    From Crown Square, go through the door in the corner, into the Great Hall. Play this film.

  9. David’s Tower

    Leave Crown Square by going under the very high arch, then play this film.

  10. St Margaret’s Chapel

    Follow the path around the back of the war memorial. Play this film before exploring St Margaret’s Chapel.

  11. Mons Meg

    Near the entrance to the chapel, find the enormous cannon, then play this film.

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