Bombardier Michaela Mawson firing the One o'clock Gun

One o'Clock Gun

Ships in the Firth of Forth once set their maritime clocks by the One o’Clock Gun. The firing of the gun dates back to 1861, when businessman John Hewat brought the idea to Edinburgh from Paris.

The gun is still fired every day at 1pm, except on Sundays, Good Friday and Christmas Day. Crowds gather to enjoy the spectacle – and the sound often surprises people on Princes Street below.

The original gun was a 64-pounder. Since 2001, a 105mm field gun has instead been fired from the Mills Mount Battery.

This famous time signal is located just outside the Redcoat Café. Passing through the Portcullis Gate, it's on the right at the far end of the Argyle Battery.

Please be aware that we are currently implementing some new measures with the Ministry of Defence in relation to the viewing of the One O’clock Gun. As part of this, visitors are asked to please arrive at the new marked areas at least 10 minutes before the firing of the gun. We will limit access to some areas surrounding the gun until after it has been fired. 

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