Point number thirteen on the Castle of Light trail

Crown Square

Here we explore further tales from the rich history of the Castle using the Grand Arcana of the Tarot card deck.

The Tarot dates back to at least the mid 15th Century - originally as a parlour game in Italy and France it later started to be used for the purposes of divination. Although we have no direct evidence of its use in the Castle it may have been known at Court.

Dancing would definitely have been a popular part of castle life through the ages - though perhaps not quite as you see it hereā€¦

Animation: Belle Mellor and Chris Bain, Bruce & Wallace simulations: John Butler, Narration: Gayanne Potter, Sound design: Hamish Brown

A co-production of Edinburgh Castle, Historic Environment Scotland, NL Productions, Doubletake Projections, Andy McGregor Design + Media and War Productions. Creative Director: Andy McGregor