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Nzira Yeparuware: A path upon a rock

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Nzira Yeparuware is an artwork exhibition at Edinburgh Castle which has been created by artist Tanatsei Gambura and focusses on discussions linked to Empire and Scotland’s built environment.

Nzira Yeparuware proposes an intimate sound walk at Edinburgh Castle contemplating the mythologies of monuments and geo-objects in the formation of national identity. Visitors to the castle are invited to respond to a soundscape developed from field recordings taken at a selection of Harare’s Scottish-named sites. Through this experience, visitors are immersed in a moment of deep listening, activated by a considered set of ambulatory gestures that question how listening can form a space of embodied political encounter.

The exhibition has been part of a two-year partnership project between Historic Environment Scotland, the University of Edinburgh, and the Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights (CRER) funded by a Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) Networking Grant Managing Imperial Legacies (ed.ac.uk).

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