Honours Conservation Project

This spring, we are starting an exciting project to document and conserve the Honours of Scotland. This project will allow specialists and conservators at Historic Environment Scotland to study the Honours in depth and research how they were made, used, and cared for historically. The Honours will be taken off display and carefully cleaned, conserved and digitally documented before being re-displayed. The objects will be removed one at a time to ensure public access to this wonderful collection is maintained throughout the project. Work will take place over the spring and summer months, with the project expected to conclude in late autumn 2023.

This planned treatment forms part of the ongoing care of the Honours of Scotland and ensures that these unique and important objects will be cared for and accessible for many more years to come. Coupled with the exciting new digital documentation, research and scientific analysis we will also undertake, we will enhance our understanding of the objects and how we can continue to care for them. We will bring you all the latest on this project and its findings in the months to come

To give an impression of the work ahead, below is a video of our Collections team: